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The Celtiberian Technology Center in Tragacete receives support from the Clanranald Trust for Scotland.

Hello everyone. I’m Jesús Patón, and you all know me from the Celtiberian Technology Center project in Tragacete, and today I bring you some good news because we have achieved a very, very important support. (If you don’t feel like reading, there’s a video below 👇)

What is the Clanranald Trust for Scotland?

I lived in Scotland for a few years and had the opportunity to participate in a lot of activities, such as helping to build a 12th-century fortification or a 12th-century motte that would be used as a center for educational activities, and so on. The people behind this initiative in Scotland are the Clanranald Trust for Scotland, led by Charlie Allan, whom I consider one of my best friends.

Jesús Patón and Charlie Allan, Chief Executive of the Clanranald Trust for Scotland, sponsors of the Celtiberian Technology Center in Tragacete.

The Clan is dedicated to organizing educational activities to promote Scotland’s historical heritage and history. Their passion and work inspired me to embark on my project here in the Sierra de Cuenca (Spain).

Charlie also runs Combat International, which is a combat school focused on the world of cinema, etc., but they also use those combat techniques in historical events. You can see them in movies like Gladiator, Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe, and so on. Well, thanks to the DuncarronFort project, they have managed to have a permanent center to achieve their goals of showcasing the history of Scotland and different historical periods of Scotland.

The Clan and Charlie have proposed to be our sponsors.

Our friends from the Clan and Charlie have proposed to be our sponsors, which means we will collaborate closely on both projects. They will send us volunteers, and we will also send members of our team to Scotland to lend a hand. The idea is to work together to spread Celtism because, in the end, we are Celtic cousins, right?

Are you in?

So, this is the great news I wanted to share with you. I take this opportunity to remind you that there are still days left in our crowdfunding campaign. I hope this help from abroad also motivates people in Spain to support us in this project and continue contributing a few euros every now and then because you will see that what we are doing will be worth it.

A big hug and thank you very much to our Scottish friends.

If you want to learn more about this organization that inspired me to do what we are doing now, here are some links:


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